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electric motor rewinds Knoxfield

With over 14 years of experience, we gave been supplying this region with quality and value in electric motors and repair services.

We have earned a reputation of being very attentive to details

We have a reputed expertise and strict adherence to quality norms that enable us to assess the overall physical aspects of electric motor rewinds. We are careful to take accurate dimensions of windings and core which are measured and documented. The stator core is tested and evaluated. We evaluate whether the core integrity is good or if it can be improved. All attention is made to ensure the rewind is completed in a timely manner, passes all testing, and a visual inspection shows the winding auxiliary components such as wedges, blocking, surge rings, and connections are neat and in the right place.

At KNOX REWINDS, we aspire for our rewind work to be better than the original. We serve the region of Knoxfield.