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We have built a reputation of honest, friendly and dedicated repairers. Most equipment owners trust us for our timely and effective service.

Your reliable and trusted repairer for timely and efficient service

Large or small, we have all the equipment necessary to take your job from start to finish. Our facility is one of the most equipped shops in the region, providing a wide variety of mechanical repairs such as for your vintage vehicles and carnival amusement rides. Our technicians are trained to provide your machine with the repairs required, as indicated by our high-tech diagnostics systems. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment makes identifying and repairing your equipment's problems quick and accurate, so your overall repair bill stays within budget. You rely on us to accurately repair your machines and put it back into service as soon as possible.

KNOX REWINDS provides first-class mechanical repairs for large or small equipment. We have made content customers in the region of Rowville.