The Specialists in Electric Motor Sales & Repairs

Other Services

Not only can we repair, rewind and rebuild electric motors and floor sanding machines, we have also been given various other interesting jobs.

Our Other Services

We undertake the mechanical and electrical repair and refurbishment of the below items:

  • Tram track switching solenoid coils
  • Vintage milkshake maker
  • Magician equipment
  • Vintage toys
  • Vintage and classic car and motorcycle parts
  • Mechanical bucking bull ride
  • Mechanical surfboard ride
  • Carnival amusement rides
  • Church bell ringer

We also have the ability to restore the items back to their prime condition, making them like new again! Or we can modify the item according to your specifications.

Bringing it Back to Life

Here at Knox Rewinds, our multi-talented technicians are not limited to the above items. If you have something that requires electrical and/or mechanical repairs, we are more than happy to bring it back to life.